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Facebook Live

This article is for WebinarJam only.

Configuration step of the setup wizard

Choose Facebook Live as the streaming service for a live webinar to broadcast directly to a Facebook page or profile.

Facebook Live selection for webinar streaming


  • Webinars set to stream through Facebook Live will be automatically posted in the chosen Facebook group or on your personal page. Depending on your privacy settings, this could make the event publicly accessible.
  • Elements configured at the Live step of the webinar wizard are exclusive to the WebinarJam live room. Attendees who watch the webinar from your Facebook page or group will not see any deployed polls, offers, etc.

Connect to Facebook

  1. In the Configuration step of a webinar setup, open the Streaming service module
  2. Choose Facebook Live and click Connect Facebook
  3. Login to Facebook from the pop-up window. If your browser is already logged in to an account, you will immediately see an access authorization from WebinarJam LiveAuthorize a WebinarJam Live connection with Facebook
  4. In the Facebook window, click Edit access to choose the groups and pages where you want to broadcast webinar events
    • Important: Depending on page / group permissions your account may not be authorized to post videos!  If possible, check your permissions before continuing.
    • Click Continue as [Name]
  5. On the next screen, choose who can see WebinarJam live posts in your Facebook timelineChoose the privacy and visibility for your posts in Facebook
    • If you are testing, choose Only me to restrict post visibility so only you can see broadcasted events
    • Change this to a larger public user group before going live with your first event
  6. Click Continue as [Name] to complete the Facebook setup
  7. When the connection is complete, a green “Facebook connected” status appears in the webinar setup.Facebook connection successful
    • Click Reset to remove the connected Facebook account from the webinar settings
  8. Select the group or page for your broadcast from the Stream destination drop-down

Edit Facebook visibility or connection

To update the WebinarJam Live connection and settings in Facebook, login to your Facebook account and go to Settings > Business Integrations.

Facebook business integrations controls

To revoke access permission between WebinarJam and Facebook, click Remove. Learn more about disconnecting a business integration from Facebook.

Important: Disconnecting the Facebook account may impact any other webinars that are configured to broadcast to the same account. Double check the configuration for all webinars configured with Facebook Live after resetting a connection to make sure there are no unintended interuptions.

To change the visibility of WebinarJam posts, click View and edit.

Change the visibility of WebinarJam posts

Test a Facebook Live webinar

  1. Launch an event from your WebinarJam account and use the go live button in the room to start broadcasting
  2. In another browser, login to the live room as an attendee
  3. Go to the page or group in Facebook where the event is configured to broadcast to confirm that the stream is active
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