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Facebook Live


This article is only for WebinarJam, not EverWebinar.

By choosing Facebook as your streaming platform, note that your webinar will also be automatically posted in your chosen Facebook group or on your personal page, and thus could be publicly accessible if you do not change your privacy settings.

While we strongly recommend our in-house WebinarJam Live streaming solution for a smoother user experience, should you opt to use Facebook as your streaming platform, there are a few steps you will need to undertake in your Facebook account to activate the streaming capabilities.

You will need to follow each of these steps or you will see the error message shown below.

Make sure you are logged into your desired Facebook account and click the “Connect Facebook” shown above.  You will then be prompted to continue as that particular Facebook account as seen below!

On the next page you will determine who can see the video posts WebinarJam will make on your account.  If you are simply trying to test out the Facebook live connection, you may want to set this to “Only me” and revert your settings later (shown at the bottom of this tutorial) when you’re ready to share with the world.

Lastly you will select which Groups and Pages WebinarJam will be allowed to interact with.  Please make sure to include the group for which you plan to go live.

NOTE:  Depending on page / group permissions your account may not be authorized to post videos!  If possible, check your permissions before continuing.

With that, everything should be ready to go!  You should see a green “Facebook connected” box, like below, once your configuration is complete.

Test Your Webinar Settings

Run the webinar as you normally would inside your WebinarJam live room. Then, in another browser, login as an attendee.  Also, take a look at whichever page you set in your configuration for WebinarJam to post on your behalf to see if your video is present.

If you see your test video, then all is well with your account.

Revert Your Facebook Settings

If something has gone wrong with your Facebook integration or you have configured it so your videos remain private for testing, you will want to revert these settings to go live.

First go to the Settings page of your Facebook account, shown below.

From there you will go to “Business Integrations”

Then simply check the box and click “Remove” to clear your configuration with WebinarJam.


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