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Webinar notifications


Types of Notifications

Each webinar can have up to 10 notifications before and 10 notifications after. There are four kinds of notifications:

  • Welcome message: included by default and sent immediately once the visitor registers (so they can receive a copy of the live room link)
  • Pre-webinar reminders: to be used for additional information or just as a reminder. These can be sent any time before the webinar begins.
  • Last-minute reminder: also included by default, but sent 15 minutes before the start of the webinar.
  • Post-webinar message: used as a follow-up after the webinar ends, but timed to the webinar start time.

Add an Email

Let’s create a new post-webinar message by clicking “Add Email” (which can be seen below)

Edit Email

A window will appear (shown below) that allows you to edit the new email notification. The first thing available is the email timing. This is always timed to the scheduled webinar start time (set two steps earlier in the Schedules settings).

NOTE: If someone registers for your webinar after a notification is set to be sent out, they will not receive that email. For example, if I set an email to be sent 24 hours before the webinar and someone registers 3 hours before, they will not receive that email.

Filter Recipients

Next, in a post-webinar email (shown below), you can filter the recipients to:

  • All registrants
  • Those who did or did not attend
  • Those who attended and did or did not order your product
  • Those who attended but left before a timeframe you specify
  • Those who attended, stayed to a timeframe you specify, and did not purchase

If you choose to send only to those who did or did not order your product, make sure you have installed the offer tracking codes on your product’s thank you page. Otherwise purchases will not be tracked to this system.


Listed in the sidebar are what we call “Shortcodes” (shown below). These codes are contained in {curly_brackets} and can be placed wherever you want in the email.

Each code is automatically replaced with the relevant information when the email is sent. So, for example, “{first_name}” might become “John”. Available for use are:

  • {TITLE} – The title of your webinar.
  • {DESCRIPTION} – The description for your webinar.
  • {PRESENTER} – A list of you and anyone else who may be presenters for the webinar.
  • {FIRST_NAME} – The first name of the email recipient (the registrant’s first name)
  • {LAST_NAME} – The last name of the email recipient (the registrant’s last name)
  • {ATTENDEE_EMAIL} – The email address for the recipient of the email.
  • {DATE} – The date of the upcoming webinar (not the current date).
  • {TIME} – The time of the upcoming session (not the current time).
  • {LIVE_LINK} – The unique live room URL for this particular registrant to attend the webinar.
  • {PASSWORD} – The password to enter the room (if you have added password protection to your webinar)

In order to work, the shortcodes must not be altered in any way.

Adding a Link

If you wish to create a link with the {LIVE_LINK} shortcode, first highlight the text you want to turn into a link (1 below), then click the hyperlink icon (2 below).

In the window that pops up, you will find the text you highlighted (1 below). Choose <other> for your protocol (2 below) and enter in the shortcode {LIVE_LINK} (3 below). Click OK and your link is added!

Test Email

Finally, at the bottom of the window, you can enter in an email address to test the email (shown below).


Note: Keep in mind that shortcodes do not work in test emails. If you send yourself a test email, the shortcodes will not be replaced by the right information. This is because there needs to be registrant data for a given shortcode to use, and you are only entering your email address.

If you want to see the full system in working order, you will need to register for your webinar. We recommend registering through your test links so that your registration does not interfere with your live analytics.

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