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Selecting A Webinar

The first thing you’ll want to do in your analytics area is select a webinar, session, and event to view (shown below) clicking “Go” when you’re ready.


The first box deals with your traffic (shown below). You’ll see four numbers and three percentages. First, on the far left, is the number of visitors to your registration page. The total number of registrants is to the right with the Conversion or Sign Up Rate listed in the middle.

The number of registrants can be higher than the visitors to your registration page if people are registered through the One-Click Registration Link or by Auto-Subscription.

The final numbers are the Live Attendees, Replay Attendees, and the Show Up Rate for both.

Also please note, as shown below, that if you hover your cursor over each of these icons, we will display which devices your visitors were using!


Below Traffic are details on engagement during your Live Webinar and your Replay Room (shown below). On the left is a graph depicting the number of viewers at a given time (shown at 5 minute intervals).

To the right are the statistics for number of attendees, total length of the webinar, average amount of time any one attendee stayed, the percentage of attendees that watched the whole webinar, and finally the user rating of your webinar (along with the number of ratings provided).


If you are selling your webinar or tracking sales of a product through your webinar, you’ll need the next section: Monetization (shown below). First you’ll see the number of tickets sold and revenue earned from those tickets.

Following this are the sales made from the Live and Replay Rooms. Sales Conversion refers to the percentage of attendees who made a product purchase. People who registered but did not watch will not be considered in that number.

Earnings per attendee is the amount of money you earned per attendee based on total earnings. If you had $100 of sales and 100 attendees, this number will be $1.


The final area is for your Notifications (shown below). Each notification you set up will be displayed here. Alongside them is shown how many were sent, opened by the registrant, and how many registrants clicked a link inside.

The reset icon on the far right will reset all of these statistics. If clicked, you cannot restore the previous email statistics.

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