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Charging for Webinars

In the registration step of your webinar, you have the option to charge a fee to attend then webinar!

Please note that this process requires a 3rd-party checkout system. That means that WebinarJam or EverWebinar do not process payments themselves. Instead, we simply redirect your users to your 3rd-party checkout system of choice so they can submit their payment from there. We recommend Kartra to help facilitate your payment processor, but any payment processor should work: PayPal, Stripe, etc.


Registration Fee

First, enter the amount you are charging for your webinar. Many currencies are available, however you can charge via whatever you like on your payment page. This information is only used for your analytics to keep track of what you have earned on your webinar.

Payment Checkout

Next, enter the URL of your payment checkout page. This will be the page where your visitors will actually pay for the webinar subscription. You will need a 3rd-party checkout platform for this. WebinarJam/EverWebinar will simply redirect your users to your checkout page before they complete their webinar registration so they can submit their payment.

Post-Payment Redirect URL

Finally, copy the “Post-Payment Redirect URL” and set it as your Thank You (or Success) page inside your 3rd-party checkout platform configuration. Therefore, once the visitor has successfully submitted the payment, your 3rd-party payment processor will redirect them back to the post-payment registration page (shown below) so they can finally complete their webinar registration.

When they click the “REGISTER” button in the footer bar, our standard registration form will appear (shown below). This is where they complete their registration for the webinar.

Incomplete Registration

If you receive payment for a webinar, but no new registrant, the purchaser did not complete their registration (it is possible they left the page or were never properly redirected to it). You will want to send them this link to have them register for the webinar.

How to Charge Using PayPal

Before we begin, ensure that you have a business account with PayPal and not a personal account. This process will not work with personal PayPal accounts.

Log in to your account and, from your profile menu, click Account Settings (as shown below).

On the left, under “Products & Services”, select Website Payments (marked 1 below) and click to Update PayPal buttons (marked 2 below).

Because a webinar is a one-time sale, select the Buy Now button (shown below).

In Step 1, you’ll add the basic information for your webinar name under Item Name (marked 1 below) and ticket price under Price (marked 2 below). The rest can be left blank, and you can move straight to Step 3.

In Step 3, you will need two links from your WebinarJam or EverWebinar account: the Registration Page URL (marked 3 below) and Post-Payment URL (marked 4 below)

You may also add a message to the customer (marked 1 above) and, since this is for a digital event not a physical product, you can disable the request for a shipping address (marked 2 above).

Finally, click Create Button , and you’re ready for the final step. Click the email tab (shown below) and copy the URL in the box.

This URL will be placed in your webinar settings under Your payment checkout.

How to Grant a Free Registration

Finally, here’s a nifty trick: if you wish to allow a free registration to one specific user, simply give him the directly link to the Post-Payment Redirect URL so he can bypass the payment process. But do not send it to anyone you want to charge!

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