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Get details about one particular webinar from your account

  • Method: webinar
  • Type: POST
  • Complete URL: https://api.webinarjam.com/everwebinar/webinar


The request must include all of the required fields, based on the table below:

Name Value
api_key* string(64)
webinar_id* integer
timezone ** GMT-5 or GMT+2 or GMT+4:30

* Required fields
** Required if your webinar timezone is set to “Auto-detect the user’s time zone”.
** For webinars configured to automatically display the schedule in the attendee’s own time zone, the API will automatically convert the time zone to EST if the time zone is not passed to the API call.


The response body will be a JSON object containing a webinar object with the following:

Name Value Parent Description
webinar_id integer Webinar ID
name string Webinar Name (Private)
title string Webinar Title (Public)
webinar_hash **** string Webinar Hash
description string Webinar Descirption
schedules array
date string schedules Date and time of webinar
schedule int schedules Schedule ID
comment string schedules Schedule description
timezone string Webinar timezone
presenters array Presenters
name string presenters Presenter Name
email string presenters Presenter Email
picture string presenters Presenter Image URL
registration_url string Registration URL
registration_type string paid / free
registration_fee int Registration Fee
registration_currency** string Registration Currency
registration_checkout_url** string Registration Checkout URL
registration_post_payment_url** string Registration Post Payment URL
direct_live_room_url*** string Direct URL to the Live room
direct_replay_room_url*** string Direct URL to the Replay room

** This field will be returned only if they are enabled within that particular webinar configuration settings
*** These are generic links to the Live and Replay room, in case you want to send a user directly to those rooms without going through the Registration page
Note: The number of returned schedules will match “Displayed schedules” setting from the EverWebinar schedules configuration for each webinar
**** webinar_hash: this parameter is used in case you want your API to be able to generate the webinar’s one-click registration link.


Example CURL request:

curl --data "api_key=demokey&webinar_id=6" https://api.webinarjam.com/everwebinar/webinar


Example return:

    "status": "success",
    "webinar": {
        "webinar_id": 6,
        "webinar_hash": "uvw1234",
        "name": "Demo6",
        "title": "Demo6",
        "description": "My automated webinar",
        "schedules": [
                "date": "2024-01-04 12:00",
                "schedule": 54,
                "comment": "Instant replay"
                "date": "2024-01-05 12:00",
                "schedule": 55,
                "comment": "Just in time"
                "date": "2024-01-05 13:00",
                "schedule": 56,
                "comment": "Every day, 01:00 PM"
        "timezone": "America/Los_Angeles",
        "presenters": [
                "name": "John Doe",
                "email": "[email protected]",
                "picture": "https://test.s3.amazonaws.com/default_user.jpg"
        "registration_url": "https://event.webinarjam.com/register/6/uvw1234",
        "registration_type": "free",
        "registration_fee": 0,
        "registration_currency": "",
        "registration_checkout_url": "",
        "registration_post_payment_url": "",
        "direct_live_room_url": "https://event.webinarjam.com/go/live/6/uvw1234ab12",
        "direct_replay_room_url": "https://event.webinarjam.com/go/replay/6/uvw1234ab12"
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