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Creating Live Elements

When creating a webinar, you can set up live elements ahead of time so you are ready to go when you’re live!

NOTE: while all of these elements (except video injections) are available in both WebinarJam and EverWebinar, EverWebinar elements require you enter a timeframe for them to appear correctly. EverWebinar has some additional live elements you can read about in the Quick Start Guide.


Polls and Quizzes

Polls and Quizzes (shown below) can be configured here ahead of time as well, in case you want to survey your live attendees.

 Add New Poll

Click Add New Poll to start and a configuration window will appear (shown below). You can add the poll question, the options, and more options by clicking the blue button at the bottom.

Product Offers

Product Offers are shown in the chat room. They use an image, text, and button to link out to whatever page you choose.

Clicking to add a new offer reveals a lot of options. Let’s take a look at the main options shown below. As you change these settings, the preview on the right will update. You can name your offer (for your reference in the live room), enter a headline, upload an image, place text inside and above the button, and enter a link.

Scarcity and Urgency

Below all of this are some options that may bring some urgency to your offer. Broadcast sales in real time will display the name of anyone who purchases. This can only be used if you have used the sales tracking system which you can read about here.

Scarcity displays to your attendees the number of available products you have. In the live room you can click to make this number go down as people purchase.

Scarcity can also be used with sales tracking (ticking away live as people purchase). However, it will only track so long as the offer is open and in the same webinar session. If you create a cloned webinar, the tracking number will be reset.

Urgency (the final option) is a timer set to expire when you choose. The timer begins when the offer is first displayed.

Video Injection / Hybrid Webinar

In WebinarJam live, you can inject a pre-recorded video into the webinar stream. This is called a “Hybrid Webinar”.

The configuration window for this (shown below) is simple: add the name for your reference and the URL of the video. Keep in mind, you can only use YouTube or direct links to .mp4 files. Since Vimeo Pro allows access to the .mp4 link, you can use them for hosting your video injections.

Hosts like Wistia or DropBox will not work for this feature.

File Handouts

Sharing files with attendees is possible, and highly recommended you set this up ahead of time.

To configure a file for sharing, name it (your audience will see this name) and upload the file. You can upload a file up to 80mb in size.

Slide Presentations

The final live element is the option to upload a slide presentation (which can be managed in the live room).

Just like the file sharing system, you will name your presentation and upload it in the configuration window. You can upload a presentation up to 80mb in size.

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