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Uploading your slide presentation

WebinarJam allows you to pre-upload a PowerPoint or Keynote slide presentation during the webinar configuration process so, once you’re live, you can simply click on a button and broadcast that presentation to all your attendees.

Finding Upload Slide Presentation

You will find this option at the “Live” step of the configuration. See screenshot below:

Why Upload Your Slide Presentation

While you could achieve the same result by simply screen sharing your desktop and going through the presentation directly from the computer, uploading the presentation to our cloud servers is the recommended course of action for two reasons:

  • It will make the experience far more seamless and smoother for your viewers, since they receive the presentation feed directly from our powerful servers, instead of overloading your internet bandwidth as a presenter. As a result, the image quality on those slides will be better.
  • If you’ve uploaded the presentation to our servers, you will have access to cool slide transition and animation effects! See below

Supported formats and limitations

WebinarJam supports both PowerPoint and Keynote files, and also PDFs (each slide must be placed in a different page within the PDF document).

Something important to remember is that the max file size is 80MB, which should be more than enough for any reasonable presentation. If you see that your file is over 80MB, chances are that the resolution of the images inside your slides, or even the slides themselves, is too high. Neither your slide images or the slides themselves don’t need to be any higher than than 720p resolution, because WebinarJam’s video streaming signal is delivered at 720p anyway.

So, remember: make sure your slides and the images are set to 720p for maximum bandwidth efficiency.

HELP! The upload process fails no matter what I try!

First and foremost, remember that the file upload and encoding process can take up to 2 minutes to complete, so give the system some time to do its thing  However, no matter what you try, sometimes the upload process fails anyway for whatever reason. What can you do?

You may want to split your presentation into two parts. This means two smaller files.

Alternatively: Inside your PowerPoint or Keynote software, export the presentation to PDF format. The screenshot below reflects the PowerPoint interface, but Keynote sports a similar option.

The benefit of the PDF format is that it is much lighter and easier to upload and crunch than the PowerPoint or Keynote format. So, if your native PowerPoint of Keynote file is giving you problems, try to export it to PDF format and upload that PDF file to WebinarJam. That should work!

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