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Custom confirmation page

This article is for WebinarJam and EverWebinar.

Enable Custom Confirmation Page

When a person registers for your webinar, choose to direct them to a default confirmation page or a custom page.

To use a custom confirmation page:

  1. Go to the Thank You step in the webinar configuration wizard
  2. Open the Default vs Custom confirmation page module and select Your own custom page
  3. Enter the link to your custom page in the Post-regisration confirmation page field
    • Turn Send register information and webinar information on or off. This option is ON by default.

Thank you page - Custom page URL

Send Registration and Webinar Information

If the registration confirmation page is hosted outside the WebinarJam/EverWebinar system, some registration information can be passed as parameters in the URL if you want to display them on the external page. This is optional.

To enable this, make sure Send register information and webinar information is turned ON at the Thank You page step of the webinar configuration.

Important: Using the registration data sent in the URL string requires Javascript coding knowledge. URL parameters allow advanced users with programming skills to customize a confirmation page. Learn more from this SitePoint article.

Registration URL Parameters

Parameters Example (Decoded) Description
wj_lead_first_name John Data entered in the First name registration form field.
wj_lead_last_name Smith Data entered in the Last name registration form field (if collected).
wj_lead_email [email protected] Data entered in the Email address registration form field.
wj_lead_phone_country_code +1 Country code selected in the registration form (if collected).
wj_lead_phone_number 1234567890 Data entered in the Phone number registration form field (if collected).
wj_lead_unique_link_live_room UNIQUE Returns a unique system-generated access link for the registrant.
wj_room_password UNIQUE An alphanumeric password for the webinar room (if enabled in the webinar configuration). IMPORTANT: The password is passed in plain text.
wj_next_event_date Monday, 31 August 2020 Event date displayed as Day, DD MMMM YYYY.
wj_next_event_time 1:45 AM Event time displayed as HH:MM AM/PM. The time displayed will match the standard format used in the country represented by the flag in the webinar’s language selection.
wj_next_event_timezone Pacific Time (US and Canada) GMT-7 Time zone displayed as location and GMT.
wj_event_ts 1598863500 Event Unix timestamp.
wj_event_tz America/Los_Angeles Time zone displayed as TZ identifier.

Take Note

  • Parameters containing personal data (ie, wj_lead_first_name, wj_lead_last_name, wj_lead_email, wj_lead_phone_country_code, and wj_lead_phone_number) are sent only if Send register information and webinar information is turned on in the webinar configuration.
  • Parameters are passed to the custom confirmation page automatically. No additional configuration is required.
  • Parameters are passed every time, even if they are empty.
    • Exception: The password parameter is generated only if password protection is enabled in the webinar configuration.
  • Parameters are UTF-8 encoded and must be decoded for display on a page. Example: email@domain.com will be passed as email%40domain.com.

URL Example

The URL is made up of two parts:

  • Base URL: https://www.domain.com/YOUR-PAGE
  • Parameters: ?wj_lead_first_name=John&wj_lead_last_name=&wj_lead_email=johnsmith%40domain.com […]

The parameters portion of the URL begins with ? and individual parameters are separated by &.

  • Parameters in the following example are shown in blue, with their values in red
  • Example shows data sent by a registration form that only asked for first name and email address. Note how some parameters carry no value because the fields were not requested in the registration form.
Important: This code is provided as an example only. Always build a new URL with the parameters needed for your own use.

Activate Confirmation Email Message

If you turn off Send register information and webinar information or choose NOT to include custom parameters in the confirmation page, make sure the confirmation email at the Notifications step is active.

The confirmation email sends registrants a unique link to the webinar room and a reminder of the event’s date and time.

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