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Autoresponders and CRMs

WebinarJam and EverWebinar integrate with some of the industry leading CRMs and Autoresponders:

  • Kartra
  • Aweber
  • Active Campaign
  • InfusionSoft / Keep
  • iContact
  • OntraPort
  • GetResponse
  • MailChimp
  • ConvertKit
  • Drip
  • Constant Contact
  • Maropost
  • Zapier


Configuring the integration

You can set up the integration with your favorite AutoResponder software by accessing the My Account icon at the top-right corner menu, and then navigating to Integrations. See screenshot below.


Once the configuration has been configured, it will be very easy to plug and play it into each of your individual webinars


What can I do with these integrations?

You can set up a bunch of automated rules that will execute an action in your AutoResponder software when one of your registrants interacts with your webinar events. For example:

  • You may pass the registrant’s details to your AutoResponder when they first sign up to your webinar.
  • Furthermore, you may assign them a tag, or subscribe them to a different newsletter, if they actually attend the live event, and also if they miss it!
  • You can also automate a similar rule if your registrants leaves early the webinar, or even if he arrives late.
  • You may assign them a tag/list if they buy any product from your live event (or replay video).
  • Etc.

The beautiful is that you can chain as many of these automated rules as you want, and once configured they will run on autopilot without you (or them) having to do anything at all. At any rate, it’s important to remember that these actions are one-directional, meaning that they always flow from WebinarJam/EverWebinar to your Autoresponder, and not the other way around. Your Autoresponder, once integrated, is indeed a passive agent and all the heavy lifting will be done by WebinarJam/EverWebinar.


How do I set up this automated rules?

At the webinar configuration wizard, go to the Integrations step, and open the Email Autoresponder Integrations box.


There, you will see all the Autoresponder integrations you have previously activated as described earlier in this article. As you select your favorite autoresponder, a window will appear with a list of IF THIS HAPPENS, THEN DO THIS automation rules. Remember that you can stack as many rules as you want. See screenshot below.

As you set up your automation rules, you will end up with a combination set that will allow you to funnel your webinar subscribers to your Autoresponder of choice, and to furthermore customize your segmentation and follow up marketing campaigns with laser target accuracy. You may make this rule sets as simple of complicated as you want. See below.

One final thought: since these rule combos are configured on a webinar by webinar basis, you may go for different rules for each webinar depending on your needs.


Positive vs negative rules: the delay

Note that some rules are executed instantly, whereas some others carry a bit of delay.

  • Positive rules (if they register to the webinar, if they buy your product, if they make it to the live room, etc) are triggered and passed to your autoresponder instantly as they happen.
  • Negative rules (if they miss the webinar, if they leave early, etc) will need to wait until your webinar session is actually over for the system to analyze the webinar attendees’ behavior. It’s at that time that we will pass the information to your autoresponder. Considering that the maximum length of a live webinar in our platform is 4 hours, that is the maximum possible delay for your Autoresponder to register your users’ actions.

*Please note:

Not all terms and definitions between platforms will match our unique definitions. For example someone may call a feature in their software a “tag”, but that “tag” will be different then what we consider a “tag”. This may require some guess work on your part to determine what a certain field or feature may actually be within any given integration.

An example:

ConvertKit integrations require a registration form or “page” within ConverKit itself. This content being referred to as a “list” via the ConvertKit integration. That being said, we have a very specific definition of a “list” on our end that does not match up with their integration’s definition. So it is very possible users may be confused if they have no forms in ConvertKit, because this “list” field in the integration would show as blank and our users may want to create a list in WebinarJam when in actuality they need to be creating a form in ConvertKit.

Simple trial and error is recommended in situations like this and if you are truly stumped please reach out to our support for more help.

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