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Time format (24-hour vs 12-hour)

The time format used to display the public time of a webinar event depends on the language and associated country selected in the webinar configuration.

Language Time format
Arabic 12-hour
Brazilian 12-hour
Bulgarian 24-hour
Chinese 12-hour
Czech 24-hour
Danish 24-hour
Dutch 24-hour
English 12-hour
Finnish 24-hour
French 24-hour
German 24-hour
Greek 24-hour
Hungarian 24-hour
Italian 24-hour
Japanese 12-hour
Latvian 24-hour
Lithuanian 24-hour
Norwegian 24-hour
Polish 24-hour
Portuguese 24-hour
Romanian 24-hour
Russian 24-hour
Slovak 24-hour
Slovenian 24-hour
Spanish 24-hour
Swedish 24-hour
Turkish 24-hour
Ukrainian 24-hour
Vietnamese 12-hour
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