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Auto-subscription to future webinars

If your business model relies heavily on webinars and your user base is fairly stable, you might want to activate this feature so your subscribers don’t need to register over and over again every time you put together a new live event.

Setting it up

For WebinarJam (not EverWebinar), you will find at the “Registration” step of the configuration wizard a feature called “Auto-subscription to future webinars”.

If activated, your webinar registration form will display an extra check box, giving your users the possibility to automatically sign up to any future webinar you might conduct in the future. Needless to say, it’s their choice and thus they must manually tick the checkbox themselves.


Importing them to the next webinar

Next time you configure a new webinar, you will want to roll over all those users who have opted for the auto-subscription feature. It’s a manual process you need to trigger yourself whenever you are ready to import all those users.

Click on the Your Links button for your new webinar, and you will see the number of people who have opted in. At this point, the only thing you need to do is to select the session you want to import/subscribe them into. As a result, they will automatically receive a confirmation email with all the information related to your upcoming webinar: the webinar topic, scheduled date and time, their unique link to the live session, etc.


Opting out from the auto-subscription feature

Every email notification sent by WebinarJam includes, at the footer, the mandatory unsubscribe link. Upon clicking on that link, your users will be given the opportunity to opt out from your contacts database.

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