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How to enable third party cookies

In this document, you will learn how to enable Cookies and Third Party Cookies in your internet browser. Some of the WebinarJam features require these cookies to be turned ON for webinar presenters and administrators. This is not the case for webinar registrants and attendees, who can have their cookie settings as they wish. In the following documentation, we will show you how to enable these cookies in the most popular internet browsers:

  • Google Chrome
  • FireFox
  • Apple Safari
  • Microsoft Edge.

*Please Note: Internet explorer is no longer supported by Microsoft. We would recommend you update to their new browser “Edge” instead of using an old version of Internet Explorer. As we can no longer predict how the old browser code will interact with the newer coding of WebinarJam.


Google Chrome (For both Windows and IOS PC)

Via your Google Chrome browser you will want to click the “three dots” icon located in the top right to open the main menu and from there you will click “Settings”.

From the settings menu you will want to click “Privacy and security” via the left hand menu options and then click “Cookies and other site data”:



*Please note: You can also shortcut your way to the cookies menu by typing “chrome://settings/cookies” into the browser

From the cookie options menu you will want to ensure you “Allow all cookies” or a option that ensures third party cookies are available for your content.

For example, Chrome often blocks third party cookies while only in incognito mode. So if you run while in standard Google Chrome then your cookies should be enabled (as we want them).


Safari (From a Windows based PC)

*Please note: Apple no longer updates or supports their Safari browser for non-IOS platforms. We do not recommend the use of the Safari browser on a windows based PC as we cannot guarantee functionality for our software via this platform.


Safari (From a IOS based PC)

In your Safari top-bar menu, visit Preferences and then click the Privacy tab:

You will then want to turn off the option to prevent cross-site tracking: (As this feature is usually on by default in all Safari Browsers)


*Please note: This is Apple’s way of blocking third party cookies, despite it sounding like something else.


Firefox (For both windows and IOS based PC)

From your Firefox browser you will want to open the main menu in the top right corner and click “Settings”:

After you click Settings you will want to click “Privacy & Security” and adjust your privacy settings to ensure third party cookies are enabled for our software.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: Though this image below shows “Standard” being selected, you will need to ensure this option is correct from your browser’s perspective. As there is no black / white setting options we can recommend here. As “Standard” might be wrong for your computer setup. There is too much customization and details within this feature for us to provide exact guidance. As your settings are yours to manage, we just ask you ensure third party cookies work for our software; whatever those settings may be.


Microsoft Edge (On Windows and IOS based PC)

First you will want to open the Edge main menu located in the top right corner and click “Settings” from the drop down:

From the settings menu you will want to select “Cookies and site permissions” from the left menu and then select “Manage and delete cookies and site data”:

From this last menu you will be able to ensure your third party cookies are disabled:


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