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Replay link and download

This article is for WebinarJam and EverWebinar.

Send the Replay

Replay recordings can be shared in two ways:

  • Manually by sharing a link to the replay room
    • Follow the steps in this article to get a link to a replay recording for each webinar session.

Get WebinarJam Replay

Replay recordings are generated after each live session. After the broadcast, allow up to the full duration of the session for the recording to complete and become available.

In WebinarJam > Webinars:

  1. Click Your links > Replay
    Replay access link and download
  2. Select a session from the drop-down to display the replay page link and download button.
    • Click the download icon to save an MP4 video file to your computer
    • Click the arrow icon to go directly to the replay page

The download button is grey if the recording is still being processed or if the webinar session never went live.

Get EverWebinar Replay

EverWebinar automated events broadcast a pre-recorded source video, which means that a “replay” is always available.

In EverWebinar > Webinars:

  1. Click Your links > Replay
  2. Select a session from the drop-down (on-demand sessions like Just-in-Time or Instant Replay will not appear)
    1. Copy the link to the replay page to share
    2. Click the download button to save a copy of the webinar source video

Session logs and feedback

This article is for WebinarJam and EverWebinar.

Access Session Logs

Click Log in the dashboard event menu to get results and feedback from a webinar session:

Event menu session log

  • View pending chat messages (EverWebinar only)
  • Download the chat log (CSV download)
  • View poll results from the live room (if configured, WebinarJam only)
  • View survey results from the registration confirmation page (if configured)
  • View pending questions from the replay room

In the pop-up window, select the content you want to view and choose a webinar session from the drop-down if applicable.

Select a webinar session to download the chat

Learn more

Pending Chat

Pending chat shows chat messages that are waiting for moderation in an EverWebinar event if Live chat is enabled in the webinar configuration and Save real comments from real attendees is turned on.

Each message is shown with the time it was sent during the broadcast (relative to the start time of the event), the attendee’s name and the message.

Pending chat messages

Manage pending chat

Use the check and X icons to approve or delete individual messages.

  • Click Delete unapproved to delete all pending messages that have not been approved in a bulk action. This cannot be undone.
  • Click Approve lines to approve all messages in a bulk action.

Approved chat messages are added to the stored chat log for the webinar and displayed in the live chat panel to future attendees who watch the webinar.

Pending Questions

Pending questions displays messages from two contexts:

  • WebinarJam events with a question box enabled in the replay room
  • EverWebinar events with a question box enabled in the live and replay rooms

Message timestamps are recorded in Universal Coordinated Time (UTC).

Pending question box messages

Manage questions

To reply to a question, check your email for the question notification and respond to it. The email contains the attendee’s name, email address, and message left in the question box.

Click the check mark next to each message to mark them as read or click Mark all as read.

EverWebinar Chat Log

The chat log download from EverWebinar events includes:

  • Chat messages that were preconfigured in the webinar setup
  • New messages added by attendees in the webinar room
    • If Live chat is enabled and Save real comments from real attendees is turned on.

Control Panel

This article is for WebinarJam and EverWebinar.
Check Your Plan: The Control Panel is available in EverWebinar and with WebinarJam Enterprise plans.

WebinarJam Control Panel

The Control Panel is the center of operations for your moderators in a live event. The dashboard contains all the information and controls available in the live room but in a format designed for easier viewing and management.

Control panel dashboard

Chat Control

The first of the three panels shows the live chat feed. From the first tab (Chat) you can chat with attendees, and edit/delete their messages if needed. The second tab (Q&A only) shows only the messages marked as questions. A response there will be marked as an Answer.

Click the three dots next to a message to see a user’s name, email, and management options:

  • Edit their comment
  • Reply to them in private
  • Invite them to join the live room as a presenter
  • Broadcast their comment to everyone
  • Mark the comment as a Question
  • Delete their comment
  • Mute user (click again to unmute)
  • Eject user from room (ban)

Manage chat and attendees with user menu

Mute vs Eject

Ejecting a user from the room immediately removes them and blocks them from entering again from the same browser session. If the user comes back through a different device or browser, eject them again or Mute them to prevent them from adding messages to the chat.

Muting a user prevents any messages they enter in the chat from appearing to the rest of the attendees in the room. The muted user can continue to send messages and will not see any indication that they have been muted, but the messages will not be displayed in the room.

Live Injections

The next panel contains live injections like polls, offers, videos, files, and slides. Preconfigured live injections can be deployed or used here, or new ones can be created during the live webinar.

Add or edit live elements in the Control Panel

Attendee Control

The final panel shows current attendees. The tabs on top filter the lists into all Attendees, only those who purchased, and only those requesting to speak live as a presenter.

At the bottom of the panel, you can redirect all attendees to a URL of your choice and resend email notifications to registrants.

Attendees pane in the Control Panel

Room Statistics

The top bar in white (shown below) displays, from left to right:

  • The current number of attendees
  • How long the webinar has been live
  • How many attendees have been in the room for each 5 minutes (shown as a graph)
  • The current attendees compared to the peak number of attendees
  • The number of sales made
  • The total revenue earned

Event Status and Settings

In the upper right of the Control Panel are two icons. One shows if you are on or off the air (live streaming or not), while the other is for additional settings. Clicking that icon, you can:

  • Restrict chat messages to public, private, or both
  • Display or hide the number of attendees
  • Allow or block attendees from requesting to speak live
  • Change the design of the live room

Update the event settings from the Control Panel menu

Add New Presenter

Presenters in the room are shown at the top of the screen as avatar images. Click the + icon to add a new presenter with their name and email. An email invite is sent to the new presenter with a unique access link to join the live room.

EverWebinar Control Panel

Because automated events are fully pre-configured, chat is the only moderation tool in the EverWebinar control panel.

  • Attendee chat messages appear only to themselves and webinar moderators (in the attendee’s unique access session)
  • Moderator chat messages appear to any attendee currently watching the webinar (in any session)

Since each attendee is in their own room (separate from anyone else watching), they will not see the chat from other attendees. However, if a moderator chats in the lower field, that message will appear to anyone watching.

To prevent confusion, it is best to reply privately to any chat message as an EverWebinar moderator.

EverWebinar control panel interface
EverWebinar Control Panel


This article is for WebinarJam and EverWebinar.

View analytics for each webinar you present, so you can understand how well your message is performing.

Launch WebinarJam or EverWebinar to see analytics for each type of webinar.

  • Click Analytics in the left-side menu
  • Select a Webinar, Session(s), and Event(s) from the drop-down fields


Webinar traffic analytics

Traffic analytics show:

  • Total visitors to your registration page (WebinarJam-hosted or custom)
  • Percentage of visitors who became registrants (sign-up rate)
  • Total registrants for the webinar
  • Total registrants who attended the broadcast during its scheduled time
  • Total registrants who attended the replay
  • Percentage of registrants who attended each viewing (show-up rate)

Pro Tips:

  • Hover over each statistic in the traffic graph to see the analytics divided by device type: computer, phone, tablet, or unknown.
  • The number of registrants may be higher than the number of visitors to the registration page if some people are registered through one-click registration or auto-subscription.


Webinar engagement analytics chart

Engagement analytics show Live Webinar and Replay statistics separately:

  • Total number of attendees who entered the webinar room
  • Total length of the webinar session
  • Average length of time any one attendee stayed in the room
  • Percentage of attendees who watched the whole webinar
  • Average user rating and number of ratings given for the webinar

No. of attendees graph: Number of attendees in the room at a given time during the webinar (shown at 5-minute intervals).


Monetization analytics show:

  • Registration fees (if the event was a paid webinar)
  • Sales from the live room (if a product offer was shown)
  • Sales from the replay room (if a product offer was shown)

Sales conversion is the percentage of attendees who made a product purchase. People who registered but did not attend are excluded from the conversion percentage.

Earnings per attendee is the total revenue generated during the broadcast divided by the total number of attendees. For example: $100 earned divided by 50 attendees would equal $2 earned per attendee.

Pro Tips: To track revenue for an event, some advanced configurations are required. Learn more:


Notification email click and open rates

Notification analytics show:

  • How many times a message was sent
  • How many recipients opened each email
  • How many times a link in each message was clicked

The blue reset icon resets all email statistics to zero. Be careful: This cannot be undone.

Presenter and moderator access links

Send unique access links for each webinar presenter and moderator so they can join and support the event.

In Webinars, click Your links > Presenters

Presenter and moderator links

Each participant has two unique links that can be sent by email or copied to share through another channel.

Live Room is used to access the live room as the associated presenter and join the broadcast. The unique links register the presence of individual presenters as they join and create a video panel in the broadcast with their name.

Control Panel is an administrative center for the event where presenters or moderators can monitor the chat, view statistics on attendees, deploy live injections, etc.

  • Click the email icon to send a link to the associated user in an email
  • Click the arrow to immediately launch a link
  • Copy the unique link to share it with a presenter or moderator

Learn more about Presenter and Moderator roles

Registration links

This article is for WebinarJam and EverWebinar.

When your webinar is fully configured, distribute the auto-generated links to start collecting registrations.

Registration is available in two formats:

  • WebinarJam-hosted page (configured in the webinar setup)
  • Registration form embedded in an external page

Use one or both registration options depending on what suits your promotional channel best.

In WebinarJam or EverWebinar:

  1. Look for the webinar you want to start promoting registration for
  2. Click Your links

Access webinar links

Attendee registration link

The Attendees tab contains all links used by people who attend your webinar.

Registration page is a link to the default WebinarJam-hosted page.

Embed in your website gives registration form code snippets for use on external websites.

Direct link to live room is an emergency bypass link that will let an attendee skip the registration process and go straight to your live room.

  • Attendees who enter the room through a direct-to-live link cannot be recorded or tracked in the event analytics. Use this link only when tracking doesn’t matter, or there’s no other way to give the person access to your event.

Pro Tip:

Click the pencil icon to the right of the registration or direct link field to customize it. Note that the domain cannot be changed.

Customize the registration URL slug

Check your plan: Link customization is available in EverWebinar, WebinarJam Professional, and WebinarJam Enterprise.

Sales tracking code

This article is for WebinarJam and EverWebinar.

Track sales that occur during a webinar by installing a tracking code at the final step of a purchase funnel. The tracking code allows WebinarJam to receive information about a sale from a customer who clicked an offer button in your event. Visit your webinar analytics to see tracked sales.

You will need:

  • A fully configured webinar with at least one product offer
    • Important: Sales tracking is not retroactive. If the webinar has already run by the time this code is installed, no goal information will be tracked.
  • Access to the source code in the final confirmation page of your purchase funnel

Two events are required to record a sale in the webinar analytics:

  1. A person in your webinar clicks the button for a product offer. This adds a tracking cookie to their browser.
  2. They complete a purchase and end up on the page where your goal-tracking code is installed.

The browser cookie and the tracking code together trigger a message to WebinarJam that registers a sale.

Goal Tracking Code

In Webinars, find the webinar you want to track.

  1. Click Advanced > Goal tracking
  2. Copy the offer code

Advanced goal tracking window

Pro tips:

  • Tracking codes are generated when an offer is configured in the webinar. If there is no offer, the tab will be empty.
  • Unique tracking codes are generated for each offer configured. Copy the code and set up tracking for each offer separately.

Configure the Tracking Code

The goal tracking code contains two customizable parameters:

  • Price: price=0.00
  • Currency: currency=USD

Modify “0.00” in the price parameter to reflect the amount collected in an individual sale. For example, if your product is $40, modify the price parameter to: “price=40.00“.

Note: The goal tracking code is designed to record price values for one-time payments. If your pricing model involves a recurring subscription (example $19.00 per month) or a payment plan (example 3 payments of $99), enter a value for the price parameter according to your preference.

Modify “USD” in the currency parameter to reflect the actual purchase currency for your product. Supported currencies include:


If the currency parameter is left blank or contains a value unrecognized by the WebinarJam system, sales analytics default to USD.

Embed the Tracking Code

Embed the sales goal tracking code directly in the checkout confirmation page, where a customer is redirected immediately after completing a payment.

  1. Open the confirmation page source code
  2. Scroll to the very bottom of the source code and locate the </body> tag
  3. Paste the goal tracking code immediately before the </body> tag
    • Pro tip: If your page was created in an application with a visual builder and no clear access to the source code, look for a setting where you can put code in a “footer” field for the page. This option may be found in a tracking or SEO section. If a field is available, paste the goal tracking code in the footer of the page.
  4. Save and publish the page

When a customer visits the confirmation page after clicking a product offer button in your webinar, the tracking code is triggered to send a notice back to WebinarJam. The webinar analytics will register a new sale and add its value to the total revenue generated by the event.

Critical Notes:

  • Browser cookies are used to identify attendees when they click a product offer in your webinar room and complete a purchase. This allows a visit to the confirmation page to be attributed correctly to customers who came from your webinar.
    • Sales collected in any other way, such as through a link pasted in the chat, are not tracked by WebinarJam.
  • Cookies are also used to differentiate between sales from the live room and those from the replay room.
  • Suppose a webinar attendee blocks third-party cookies in their browser. In that case, their activity will not be tracked through the purchase process. In this scenario, you may see sales from the event in your checkout system that do not appear in the webinar analytics.

Review Sales Analytics

After the event, check the analytics to see revenue and other monetization metrics.

  1. Go to Analytics
  2. Select a webinar and session from the drop-down fields
  3. Scroll down to Monetization to review:
    • Registration fees (if you charged a fee to attend the webinar)
    • Sales from the live room
    • Sales from the replay room
Pro tip: Review the webinar’s attendee log to see sales attributed to specific attendees.

UTM tracking

For more information on UTM selection and use, there are many excellent marketing resources online that can help guide your strategy. Free UTM link builders can also be useful tools as you plan your campaigns.

Add UTM parameters to a webinar URL

Add UTM parameters to a registration link to track information about conversion sources.

  1. In Webinars, find the webinar you want to track
  2. Click Your links
  3. In the Attendees tab, copy the Registration page link
  4. Add UTM parameters to the end of the URL manually or with an online UTM builder tool
    • Repeat this for each place you will share the link (in emails, on social media, etc)
  5. Share the modified registration link(s)

Attendees who register through the modified links will be stored in the webinar’s registrants list with a record of the UTM parameters that were in the link they clicked.

Example of a UTM builder tool from https://utmbuilder.com/

Example of a UTM builder tool

Click Build URL after adding all parameters to generate the final URL with UTM tracking capability.

Important Notes:

  • UTM values cannot be sent to WebinarJam with an API call.
  • If an attendee registers to the same event twice with the same email address, the UTM values captured the first time will be saved. Additional registrations will not overwrite existing UTM values.

Active registrants

This article applies to both WebinarJam and EverWebinar.

Go to Registrants to see all active registrants for your webinars

All active registrants list

Use the drop-down menus to select a Webinar, Session, and Event.

A table appears with a list of all registrants that match the chosen filter. Some fields may be blank.

Registrant data includes:

  • First and last name
  • Phone number
  • Email Address
  • IP Address
  • UTM source, medium, campaign, term, and content (if passed by a URL during registration)
  • Webinar details
    • Event name, session type, date, and registration date
  • Live attendance details
    • Date attended, when they entered, and how long they stayed
    • Whether they purchased from the live room and how revenue was gained
  • Replay attendance details
    • Date attended, when they entered, and how long they stayed
    • Whether they purchased from the replay room and how revenue was gained
  • GDPR communication status

Manage registrants

Filter table of all registrants by behavior

Filter the registrants by behavior or use the Action icons to edit or remove registrants.

  • Edit registrants to correct typos or other requested changes

Export registrants

  1. Filter the registrant results to show the event and behavior you want to download (Optional)
  2. Click Export in the upper right corner of the screen

Export webinar registrant information

In the pop-up window, select data to export:

  • Export the currently selected filters (export the filtered list of registrants currently shown)
  • Export all registrants (select a webinar and export all registrants to that webinar)
  • Export all attendees (select a webinar and export all attendees to that webinar)
  • Export all buyers (select a webinar and export every registrant who made a purchase, either in the live or replay room)

Choose data group to export

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