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Your Registrant List

Your first step here is to choose a webinar, session, and event before clicking Go (shown below).


A list of registrants will become available for you to view (shown below). You can find information on their:

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Phone number
  • Email
  • IP Address
  • Webinar they registered for (as well as session, event, and registration date)
  • Whether they attended live (and the date for that)
  • When they entered the room and how long they stayed
  • Whether they purchased from the live room and how much you earned from them
  • The same stats for the Replay Room
  • Their GDPR Status

If you click to edit a registrant, a window will pop allowing you to change the name, email, and phone number of the registrant (shown below).

You can filter the list through three criteria. The first is Live Room Behavior (shown below). You can show those who did or did not attend the live session, or specify a time frame for their attendance.

Next, you can show those who did or did not attend the Replay, or specify a time frame for their attendance (shown below).

Finally (shown below), you can filter by purchase behavior (whether they purchased any products or not).

Once you have filtered your list down to what you want, click “Export” in the upper corner (shown below) to save the list as a csv file.

A window will pop up with a few options:

  • Export the currently selected filters (this will export the list of registrants you were just viewing)
  • Export all registrants (you will select a webinar and all registrants to that webinar will be exported)
  • Export all attendees (you select a webinar to export all attendees to that webinar)
  • Export all buyers (you select the webinar and all attendees, live or replay, who purchased will be exported)

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