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Your Links & Testing

Run A Test or Your Links?

On your dashboard, you will notice two buttons on each webinar: Run a Test and Your Links. There is only one, very important, difference between them. Your Links is to be used only when you are ready to go live. You can use Run a Test to be sure that your webinar is fully functional.

Run a Test creates a perfect clone of all your webinar settings. There you can test any aspect of your live webinar, but it will not affect the real thing in any way. We recommend running a test of your webinars at least 24 hours ahead of time. This will give you plenty of time to fix whatever needs fixing and test again before going live.

*Please Note: The URLs for presenters in a test run will change with each new test run. If you close and start a new run please be sure and give all presenters the new URL link as the old one will no longer function.

Different Links


Let’s look at what is inside…

Registration Page

The first link visible is the registration page. This is the link you will send to your leads so that they can become registrants. The pencil icon allows you to customize the link.  Note: customizing this link, called “Branded links” is only available on EverWebinar or WebinarJam Professional or above.


Embed in your website

Embed in your website (shown below) allows you to place registration on your own page via a button or bar with a button. You can read more about how to customize these here.

Direct Link to Live Room

The final registrant link tab shows the Direct link to live room. This is immediate access to the webinar room, without the need to register first. Because it skips our registration and tracking, this link should only be used for emergencies. If you have a user trying to enter the webinar after registration has closed, this may be the choice for you.

Presenters Links

Moving on to the Presenters links, you will find two links available here: Live Room and Control Panel.

  • Live Room is the link you will use to stream your audio and video to the audience.
  • Control Panel can be used to moderate the webinar and view statistics on attendees. Both of these links (by clicking the email icon) can be sent to the presenter they belong to and can be opened directly by clicking the arrow.


The Replay links (shown below) will only become available once you have run a webinar. Select a session and the link will appear. To the right are icons to download the video file and open the replay page. If the download button is greyed out (as it is below) it means that the recording is still being processed or if the webinar never went live.

Download Chat Log

After the webinar ends, you can download the chat log in the next area (shown below). Just as with the replay, select the session and a download button will appear.

Survey Results

Finally, if you set up a Thank You Page Survey, the results will be available for download as a CSV file here (as shown below).

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