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Understanding your account


The first thing you’ll notice is that the entire WebinarJam platform is web-based. You can use the entire platform from within your browser window! 


Shown below is what your account dashboard looks like. This area is called “Webinars”. “Webinars” is where you will find all of the webinars you created.  Here you’ll find your links to invite people and to go live, or if you’re not ready to go yet you can run test webinars.

Top Right

At the top right (also shown below), you can find buttons to find support (in case you find an issue and need assistance from our team), community (where you can connect with other users in our official Facebook group), my profile (where you can find information about your account, integrations, and billing), and finally Log Out.


Just to the left (shown below) are the different areas of the WebinarJam platform.





Analytics (shown below) shows you data about your webinar. Here you can find out who has been visiting your registration pages, information about what happened during your live webinar, and data about any notifications you set up.




Most importantly, the Registrants area is where you find the list of those who have registered. You can filter the list by webinar and registrant behavior. 


Finally, the Training button leads to where you are now!

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