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WebinarJam Scheduling

There are three options for scheduling in WebinarJam:

  • One single session
  • Multiple sessions
  • A recurring series of presentations

One Single Session

Think of a One Single Session (screenshot below) like a movie. There may be multiple sessions you can go to, but it will be the same content each time. Therefore, you would only buy a ticket to one session, not to all of them.

Let’s say that you want to run a morning and an afternoon run, just to give your users more flexibility to attend whichever of the two (and only one of the two) fits their schedule best. In this case, you could configure a session at 9:00AM and another one at 1:00PM. Remember to click the blue “ADD” button!


Multiple Sessions

On the other hand, Multiple Sessions (screenshot below) are like a mini-series than span through a few days, every day screening a different episode. In this case, you subscribe to all the individual events.

You would configure multiple date/time combinations, and they will all be bundled as an indivisible multi-event presentation.


Recurring Series of Presentations

Finally, a Recurring Series of Presentations (screenshot below) is closer to a TV show with each episode providing new information (maybe even building on previous webinars), and the show will have a rather fixed and recurrent scheduling over time.

Users registering for a Webinar Series will register for the whole daily/weekly series, for as long as it lasts.

To add a schedule as a series, select a day of the week, a time, and whether the series has no stopping date (Unlimited) or has a set number of sessions (Limited, in which case you type the number of sessions), and finally the timezone. For example: say that you want to set up a weekly session, running every Saturday at 5:00PM, for a whole year (52 weekly sessions). Take a look at the screenshot below to see how you’d configure that.

The last step is clicking “ADD”. In the above below, only one recurrent series has been added, and of course you could configure more series if you wanted.

Allow time zone Conversion:

This feature allows you to toggle on/off whether or not your leads can change the time-zone on their end. This is on by default but allows you to switch it off if you want to leave a specific time-zone setting on your Webinar.


EverWebinar Scheduling


Because EverWebinar is pre-recorded, there are a number of additional options for scheduling (shown above). We’ll review them one by one here. First is simply adding individual times and days/dates (shown below). Choose Every (a repeating schedule) or On (a specific date), then choose the day, time, and time zone.

User’s Own Time Zone

As shown below, I am choosing The user’s own time zone instead of a specific time zone. The system will automatically detect the time-zone for your potential registrants and set the webinar for them. Makes sure to click ADD to ensure your schedule is added!


Instant Watch Replay

The next option is the Instant Watch Replay (shown below). With this turned on, the Registration Page will show “Watch the replay now!” in addition to your other schedules. A visitor clicking this option will skip the wait for a session, and watch the replay immediately.

It is important to note that, since it’s a meant to mimic a replay video, the webinar room will not display any rolling chat feed. Remember to also enable the Replay session itself later on in this configuration wizard!


Allow Late Attendance

After this is “Allow Late Attendance” (shown below). This adds another option to the available schedules (like the above setting), but this time for visitors to join a webinar that is already “in progress”. When they enter the “live” room, the webinar will auto-forward to the correct time stamp.


Just In Time

Possibly the most important feature here is “Just In Time” scheduling (shown below). Using this, you can allow for visitors to see a session coming up very soon! You can choose to display sessions at 15, 30, and 60 minute intervals:

  • Every :15, :30, :45 or :00 (15 minutes)
  • Every :30 or :00 (half hour)
  • Every :00 (hour)

Hide Night Time Schedules

You can also Hide night time schedules to create the more realistic appearance of a regular working schedule. If someone visits your registration page at 2am (and you have blocked schedules from 11pm-7am) the next available session will be in the day time.


Displayed Schedules

Which schedules you actually display is shown in the next setting Displayed Schedules (shown below). You can choose how many available schedules to display to visitors. If you choose the first option, only the Just in Time schedule and Yesterday’s replay will be visible.


*Please note: It is important to note that if you set this feature to “Just-in-Time / Yesterday’s Replay” when you do not have either of those options enabled then the webinar will not show any scheduled times for registrants.

Block Short Term Registrations

If you don’t want last second registrations, you can block up to 6 days out (shown below). If you choose to block any short-term registrations, Just in Time scheduling will not work.


Block Dates

Finally, you can use this last option (shown below) to block holidays or any other dates you may not want available.



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