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Google Tag Manager

About Google Tag Manager

Google Tag Manager is a free service provided by Google that works to help organize all your tags in one container. For this tutorial, we will be adding a Facebook pixel to our GTM, and then adding that to a webinar.

Once you have a Google Tag Manager account set up, the first thing you’ll find are the codes (shown above). We’ll come back to these once we’re set up.

Create New Trigger

For now, navigate to triggers and click New (shown below).

In the sidebar that appears, click the pencil icon (shown below).

Page View

And choose page view from the available options (shown below).

Next (shown below) choose some page views, page URL, contains, and enter only the beginning of your Thank You page URL:


Click the plus icon on the right to add a second rule.

For this one (shown below), choose Referrer, contains, and the beginning of the registration page URL:


With that done, you can title your trigger, and click save.

Add Facebook Pixel

Now it’s time to add the Facebook pixel. In Google Tag Manager, it’s called a tag, so navigate to the Tags area and click New (shown below).

Choose Tag Type

Click anywhere in the top box to choose the type of tag. There is no facebook tag available, so instead choose Custom HTML (shown below).

You can now paste your Facebook pixel into the frame (shown below).

Tag Firing

Click Advanced settings and under Tag Firing Settings, select Once per page (shown below).

Before leaving, below the tag window, you can select the trigger you created earlier (shown below). After this, name your tag and save.

Finally, click Submit in the upper right (shown below).

You can use the two text fields (shown below) to add personal details about any changes you made, but if this is your first time adding settings, you can just say it is your first pixel or something similar.


Click Publish (shown above) and return to the workspace tab (shown below).

Get Code

Now you can click the blue letters and numbers (shown below) to copy your code.

There are two codes here (shown below), you will need them both.

Add Codes to WebinarJam

In your WebinarJam 3rd Party tracking settings, add both codes to the registration page field and the thank you page field (shown below). However you are welcome to add them to all the fields that are visible if you are tracking more than registration rates.

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