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EverWebinar Quick Start Guide

This tutorial will be an overview of every EverWebinar setting, with links to more information where needed.

EverWebinar Configuration

EverWebinar Source

The first essential step is to choose your webinar source (shown below). This is the video that will play in the webinar room as the “live stream”. You can choose between an external video file or a previous WebinarJam live session.

External Video File

In the case of an external video file, add a link to a YouTube video or a direct link to an .mp4 file. Make sure to accurately enter the duration of your video so the webinar ends/closes at the correct time.


Previous WebinarJam

For a previous WebinarJam live session (shown below), just select the webinar and event date/time. No duration settings are necessary since the system already knows how long the source is.

When using this option, all live elements will be imported. This includes chat, offers, broadcast messages, and more.


Basic Settings

The second step is for your Basic Settings (shown below). This includes:

  • Webinar Name (for your reference in the dashboard)
  • Webinar Title (for your potential registrants to see)
  • Webinar Description (also for your potential registrants to see)
  • Webinar Language (for the registration fields and buttons)



*Please note: Currently this feature is on a hiatus and is not available at this time.

When this feature is available you can also list your webinar in the On-Demand section (shown above at the bottom of the frame), so let’s take a look at that real quick. Shown below is our On-Demand portal. You can choose by category (cooking and food, for example) and you can take a look at what’s available.

Webinar Presenters

Next are the Webinar Presenters (shown below). This is where your information is entered by default (it’s already here!) so if you are the only one presenting (or rather, on the video), you can just click confirm and move on.


I’d like you to know two things though about this side profile here. First, “Webinar Host & Presenter” indicates you are the creator of this webinar (shown below).

You can add people without them being a presenter but instead as a moderator.  So for example, let’s say I want Tammy to moderate my webinar. As shown below, I’ll add her name and email to the fields, select Moderator, and choose Save.

Once I’ve clicked save, her information will appear on the right. This time, “Webinar Moderator” will be visible by her name (shown below).

If you want to edit details of either person, you’ll need to select the pencil icon to the far right. You can change any details including adding a different profile image by clicking the profile circle on the left. Make sure to click Save before moving on!

Webinar Schedules

The next step is the final essential step: Webinar Schedules (shown below). As long as this is filled out, you will have a functioning webinar!


There are a lot of options for scheduling, but for this tutorial we will simply add an every day, 2PM webinar. As shown below, I am choosing The user’s own time zone instead of a specific time zone. The system will automatically detect the time-zone for your potential registrants and set the webinar for them.


To add a schedule, you must click the ADD button on the far right. Only once this button is clicked will your schedule be added. For further detail on scheduling, click here.


Registration Page

The following step deals with your registration page. First (shown below), is your registration page design. You can choose from a number of templates.


Once you select a template (shown above), you will be sent into an editing window (shown below). Here you can edit any element on the page that has a blue pencil icon in the corner.

When you are ready to move on, use the green Actions menu (in the upper right of the window) to preview your page and save & exit.


Enable Split Testing

If you’d like, you can split-test your registration page (as shown below) by clicking “Enable Split-Testing” and choosing a percentage of visitors to send to the second page.

To choose the page design for page “B”, click the toggle switch in between the two letters, choose a template, and edit it just as you did the first one.


Registration Form Fields

Following this, choose the information that registrants are required to enter for registration (shown below). By default First Name and Email are on and required. This is because these two bits of information will be used to login to the webinar room itself.

Last Name and Phone Number can be added to your form as well, but you can make these optional by clicking the toggles on the right.


Free or Paid Registration

If you’d like, you can charge for your webinar in this step (shown below). You will need an external payment processor and/or cart system (like Kartra!) to use this feature. Once a registrant finishes their purchase, they will need to be redirected to the link at the bottom to complete registration.


Password Protection

Finally, you can password protect your webinar (shown below). If you choose this, you can decide between one master password or unique passwords for every attendee. A master password is one you choose yourself that all attendees will use. The unique passwords option has the system create a unique password for each registrant.



The next step (shown below) is all about your notifications. First (at the top) is your email gateway. By default this is set to our servers, however if you have your own SMTP gateway you’d like to use, click here to learn how to integrate properly.

Otherwise, just move on to the next part: Reminder Notifications.

You can add up to 10 notifications before and 10 notifications after the webinar starts. You can integrate Twilio to add calls and SMS notifications as well, but we will just discuss email here. Click here to learn more about integrating Twilio.

Click ADD EMAIL (shown above) and a window will pop up to create/edit your notification (shown below). You can choose the timing of the email by number of hours before or after the webinar starts.

Post Webinar Segmentation

If this is a post-webinar notification, you can limit sending this email to:

  • All Registrants
  • Those who did or did not attend
  • Those who attended and did or did not order your product
  • Those who left before a time you specify
  • Though who stayed to a time you specify, but didn’t purchase

Email Shortcodes

Finally, take note of the shortcodes in the right sidebar. These are replaced with relevant information, automatically, when the email is sent out. You can read more about those right here.




After completing the notification step, you can add various integrations and tracking systems to your webinar (shown below). Email autoresponder integration allows you to send registrant data to a third-party platform. 3rd party tracking systems allows you to add things like Google Tag Manager and Facebook Pixels to your webinar pages.


Thank You Setup

In the next step, you choose options for your Thank You page.


The first option (shown below) is a Thank You page survey for your registrants. You can add a:

  • Poll allowing only one answer
  • Poll allowing multiple answers
  • Question for a short answer
  • Question for a long answer

Or a combination of them! Once people respond to the survey, you will find results here and in the Live Links button on your dashboard.


Thank You Page Design

The next option is the design of the Thank You page itself (shown below). Just as with the registration page, you’ll select one template and edit the appearance before moving on.


Live Settings

As we go forward, for this tutorial we will discuss the live element settings that are unique to EverWebinar.

Each live element you can use in WebinarJam (such as file sharing and offers) are available to be precisely timed here. You can read about all of them in detail here.

But when you add those options to EverWebinar you will add them via the “Live Content” box in a drop-down option that looks like the following: (Rather then each individual option as in WebinarJam.)

*Please note: You must be sure and set the time for which you want these particular events to occur within your EverWebinar content. It must be a valid time within the play-time of your EverWebinar.

Live Chat Box Options

First of which (shown below) is the live chat box.

If you choose to Enable Live Chat, you can add pre-written lines of chat (or “chat roll”) by entering the time the message appears (in hours, minutes, and seconds), the name of the person sending the message, their role (Attendee or Admin), the message itself, and finally the mode (chat or question). Once this is all filled out, click Add to add the line of chat.

If you used a previous WebinarJam Live Session as your source, the original chat will already be in here! If you would like to add messages in bulk, you will need to upload a formatted CSV file. You can read more about that here.


You can also choose to disable the simulation of live chat in exchange for a Question Box (shown below). Enter your email address and all messages in the webinar room will be emailed to you directly.

Alternatively, you can disable the chat options altogether.


Highlighted Announcements

Next are Highlighted Announcements (shown below). In a WebinarJam Live webinar, you can choose a chat message (such as a glowing testimonial) to highlight. If you are trying to simulate live chat, make sure the message you are typing here also exists in your chat roll from earlier.


A poll is a question you can provide to anyone viewing your content. By default this will show the actual results of your poll as users filter through over time.


The options you must set include the poll question, your various options for answers, and finally a start / end time to your poll.

*Please Note: Normally the results of the poll will show to your registrants, but you can hide the results with this toggle below.

This will add percentage fields to each answer option that you can manually fill in to present a result to your leads as the poll data instead of the actual results.

*Please Note: The real results can be seen only by you in the analytics section outside the live event if you are using this feature.


Redirect to External Websites

A WebinarJam Live webinar allows you to redirect users to a page of your choice, so EverWebinar allows the same! You just need to choose the time at which attendees need to be redirected.


Sticky messages

Sticky messages (shown below) are displayed at the top of the chat sidebar. You can choose a start time (for the message to appear) and an end time (for the message to disappear).


Display Number of Attendees

If you are trying to simulate live room attendance, it may be helpful to display a number of attendees (shown below). You can choose between fixed and dynamic. Fixed is one number that you choose, which will stay on screen for the whole webinar. Dynamic will mimic the attendance of a real webinar with an initial increase in attendees (to the number that you specify) and gradually falling off.


Live Sales Notifications

Finally, in the live room options, you can add Live Sales Notifications (shown below). This is a banner that announces an attendee has purchased your product and can be used to encourage other (real) users to purchase as well.




Bad words filter

You can also prevent your users from using particular words.  Simply go to your Profile (1) and then Settings (2) to add any words you don’t want shared during your webinar.



You have the choice to enable autoplay for your webinars!  If disabled, you can choose your call to action text displayed on the video as well as the thumbnail that is displayed behind it!


Webinar Replay options

In the final step, you’ll set up your Webinar Replay options. The first option is whether to enable the replay at all. Below, the webinar replay has been added by selecting Yes, record the webinar session.


Just like the live room, you can add a question box to the webinar replay (shown below). Just add your email address.


That brings us to the end of the setup process! You can now retrieve your registration links to share from your dashboard. Just be sure to test first!

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