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Best Practices

For the best webinar experience, we have the following recommendations for the webinar host and all co-presenters involved in broadcasting a webinar.

  • Computers/Laptops used for broadcasting the webinar should at least have a modern Quad-Core processor with 8Gb RAM.
  • Ensure that the camera and microphone used are connected either internally or externally via a USB connection.
  • Set the Camera resolution to 720p although you can go up to 1080p
  • A headset is encouraged.
  • Be sure you’re using the full bandwidth capabilities; no sharing of the same internet connection while broadcasting.
  • Run your webinars from a hardwired internet connection instead of WiFi, if possible.
    • The host and all co-presenters can run an internet speedtest via this link: https://www.waveform.com/tools/bufferbloat
      The upload and download speeds should be at least 5mbps; however, the higher the better.
      The Bufferbloat (Latency) should be at least “B” or higher or in other terms, less than 100 milliseconds (ms).
  • Close out of all apps, programs, windows, tabs, music, or anything that isn’t necessary to your webinar to free up as many of your computer and Internet resources as possible.
  • Clear your cache/cookies for “All time”, restart your machine and run your webinar from a fresh browser.
  • Use the most up to date version of Google Chrome. Firefox is a good secondary option. For iOS devices use Safari. This is also the same for all attendees.
  • Avoid hosting a webinar and watching as an attendee on the same bandwidth. If this is done, your bandwidth will be optimized for uploading the video, and the download of the stream will be compromised.
  • Lastly, we recommend creating a clone of the actual webinar for testing purposes, using the links from the “Your Links” button of the clone webinar. You can have test attendees join the webinar so they may revert back with any possible difficulties they may experience. This way you can thoroughly test any webinar without affecting the actual webinar in any way and make corrections where needed.

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